Hitler was elected, too — Down with Trump

Trump at Conservative Political Action Conference, 2011. Photo: Gage Skidmore
Trump at Conservative Political Action Conference, 2011. Photo: Gage Skidmore

There need to be millions of Americans in the streets shouting “Not my president” and more. “Impeach Trump,” “Down with Trump,” “Fuck Trump,” whatever works. There can be no recognition of his leadership. He has the legal right to be president, he doesn’t have the moral right to show his face in public. He’s an evil creature, personally and politically, and there can be no reconciliation with evil.

His presidency, his ability to act as president, has to be fought by every non-violent means that can only be imagined. Mass protests, general strikes, shut-downs of college campuses and any other public institutions that can be shut down – all this should be on the agenda (and at least with college campuses, I’m pretty sure it will be).

Because of who he is and what he stands for, Trump would be illegitimate as president even if he won 100% of the vote. But the fact is that most Americans rejected him and a plurality of them voted for Hillary Clinton. As of this writing, she’s leading him in the popular vote by about 200,000. And the legendary Nate Silver (who this time around got it much less wrong, at least, than the other election-data analysts) says that once all the votes are counted, Hillary “should eventually win the popular vote by 1 to 2 percentage points, and perhaps somewhere on the order of 1.5 million to 2 million votes …”

1.5 million to 2 million votes. That would be three to four times as big a margin as Al Gore had over George W. Bush in 2000. This is mind-boggling. The miserable U.S. electoral vote system says Trump gets to be president, but he’s an imposter. Many more Americans voted for Hillary than for him, and most of those Hillary-voters, it’s safe to assume, are sickened and terrified by him. A mandate to lead? He has a mandate to shrivel up and disappear.

After the 2000 election I, like probably most Democrats, thought the Republican-appointed majority on the Supreme Court robbed Gore of the presidency. But once Gore conceded, Democrats from top to bottom very grudgingly but decisively accepted Bush as the new president. Democrats have accepted the legitimacy of every Republican president-elect, no matter how much they disliked him.

This, however, is different, and it’s not because of Hillary winning the popular vote. It’s because of Trump. He is way, way, way beyond the pale, like no big-party American presidential candidate, let alone winning candidate, ever was. He is the worst major contender for power in a genuinely democratic country since Hitler in 1932 – and if you think that’s an exaggeration, name somebody worse. And now this individual is headed into the White House.

That’s his legal right. His 60 million opponents, meanwhile, have the legal right to try to impeach him, to go in masses into America’s streets and shout their fury and absolutely justified hatred of the president-elect at the top of their lungs, to shut down as much of America as they can shut down, to paralyze Trump’s ability to govern – and beyond their legal right, they have the democratic right to civil disobedience, to break the law non-violently in this cause.

Let it happen in the streets, and let it happen in the Senate, the House of Representatives and every level of U.S. government.

Everyone’s asking, What will the new face of the Democratic Party be? Let it be this.

Remember Trump’s multi-year campaign to wrest the presidency from Obama on the racist lie that he was born in Africa? Remember the alt-right’s monstrous conspiracy theories and verbal violence against Obama from the time he became a candidate for president – and against Hillary Clinton for the last 20 years? We are no less enraged today; the difference is that we don’t need conspiracy theories, we have the truth. It is time to pour out our wrath.




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Larry Derfner

I was born in New York in 1951, grew up mainly in Los Angeles, began my career in journalism in 1981, and moved to Israel in 1985. I live in Modi’in with my wife Philippa and sons Alon and Gilad.

2 thoughts on “Hitler was elected, too — Down with Trump”

  1. Thanks for this, Larry. If we were in NYC, and your encouragement here, I’d be demonstrating at Columbus Circle and Union Square tonight. Mary in Charleston

  2. Well, no one can claim you hide your feelings.

    The American electorate is clearly undergoing demographic transition. There will be millions more potential Hispanic voters in 2020 while more whites will have died off in old age, I inching to same end. To some degree, the near percentage split in popular vote measures that process underway. The Electoral College is weighted against populous States–originally a check on Slave States which had demanded their slaves be counted as 3/5 of a white in census. What this anti-population weighting does presently is tilt elections toward past demography, for less populous States tend to have fewer minorities–less reason to go there, as population size synergizes opportunity; as well, smaller States are more stagnant, raising their anger and conservatism to reactionary response. This in outcome locks in polarization as one side feels it won by the rules while the other feels the rules are stacked against them–even though, situations reversed, the sides would mouth the reverse. We no longer have a popular clear win concept. But the Electoral College is just not going to go away. 3/4 of the States agreeing, with what Congress presenting the amendment–really?

    I agree in your assessment of Trump, although I think he is so vacuous that we really don’t know much of what he will do as President; I expect to see a White House in internal roil, trying to win favor of the Big Man. Very hard times are ahead. But the only checks available are legal, the courts now, which means legality must be adhered to in opposition, even if it is adherence to willing arrest after breaking the law in nonviolent protest–willing arrest, hard to do. Only the House can impeach, and that will not happen.

    Decrying the election will not help, as only the law remains to hold our contests into coherence. The present mandate is not Trump’s but the Republican’s. They held onto the Senate and House. Unless Trump can change himself as revealed by decades, that Party will eventually go into internal conflict, only the promise of efficacy keeping them together in this early day.

    Don’t be angry for anger’s sake. I say this having reason to despair. I fully expect to once again be without insurance by the end of 2017.

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